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  • Monica Zhang

Barney Robotic Bar Serve Cocktail Drinks in Oman

Our Robot Bar Barney has been serving soft drinks and juices at Oman’s most visited mall center since the end of December, 2020. The bar was implemented in Al-Araimi Boulevard mall in the Capital of Muscat. The Boulevard is located in the up and coming Al Khoud area of Muscat, a stunning destination that allows one to explore new vistas of entertainment in the Sultanate.

Our customer is Mr. Mahmoud Al-Ghatrifi, the owner of the Brain Robot franchise. Through this franchise he is planning to expand and purchase more bars in Oman.

F&P Robotics proudly presented Barney in this exceptional environment. Barney is offering a completely autonomous, 24/7 service with a wide range of drinks. It is currently running the bar by itself but is also able to work together with a human bartender. Barney is an attraction and is sure to draw a crowd.

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