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Distributor Policy-Are you suitable to be robot distributor?

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Recently we have received so many clients' enquiry and interest to be our distributor, while some of whom might have some different divergence understanding on the term "distributor".

Here I will systematically help you explain who we are, what we need, what we do not accept and how can you get ROI (Return on Investment).

Who we are?

We are a huge humanoid intelligent service robot manufacturer based in China, in another word, a robot factory that is especially engaged OEM orders to make all kinds of big humanoid intelligent service robots.

We have our own designs with our own intellectual property (Alice, Alice Plus, Amy, Amy Plus, Snow, Beauty, Sister XII) but prefer to share the design with distributor or partner's logo when there is large order to invest.

Sometimes, when the corporate or company is huge enough to generate ODM order, which might take advantage in our fully setup facility available, sophisticated manpower and existing vast output capacity among Chinese humanoid intelligent robot industry, we shall make it an option only under that circumstances.

In China, we have been engaged in JD.COM, Baidu, Xiaomi, SLAMTECH, etc. big company ODM case as well.

What we are manufacturing is mainly the robot host itself, or say robot hardware(what you can see her body, eyes, interior structure and the whole finished robot) in mass production to make you cost down and achieve the most efficient to get a robot in hand without being trouble to face difficulty when choosing a new full set of equipment to start a new factory of high risk.

We are located in a suburb robot industrial park at a lower land cost but close to Shanghai(20 mins by high speed train) is a huge advantage to us to walk on the international business stage, with better overseas resources to reach out.

What we need?

As introduced above, we are a large humanoid service robot factory that are mass production order so what we are finding are those long-term business partnership who are strong enough both technically and at sales to generate large orders at the same time who are seeking for new blue ocean business industry plus enough large margin for them:

1. Distributor

Our first priority goes to establishing a distributorship who can meet up below criteria:

1) Have full equipped team

First of all, you should be a registered company who are goning to work with our company.

This is a COMPANY-TO-COMPANY(or B2B) partnership;

This company should be having full equipped team work including sales, marketing and technical engineers;

★2) In terms of technical engineers, they must have at least 3 years or above experience in electronics, engineering, software or hardware, computer or mechanic engineering, etc. so that this may an ease talk for future techical training, software integration support and after sales technical support;

☆3) If you have robotic business background, that would be an additional plus on the suitability and eligibility;

4) You must have enough financial support and great vision to invest on the first purchasing robot units, which is a necessity point based on above all conditions met up with;

5) Accept annual sales target assessment after joining our distributorship network.

There would be min. sales target requisite conditions since the first coopertaion year after a distributor agreement achieved, as we are gonna make full efforts to support you on experience, products and technical support as part of our distributor support to make sure you marketing and reselling work as most efficient as possible.

2. Software Integrator

Sometimes when you are by chance looking for a great robot hardware to be integrated with, so that you could do customized software solution and have a perfect presentation or solutions to your clients, software integrator is also an option to join our partnership network.

This is called vertical strategic partnership.

Usually under this case, if you have invested in purchasing the robot hardware and your own team's work on software integration, we shall spare no effort to help you promote the solution in our own platform as well and help you connect with our global distributorship network as a partnership.

There are over 40 countries of export recourses clients who might need your solution available besides from your own country's.

So, this option also could be our second priority to have a right partner.

When software integrator is large enough or passed demo robot test, they can be the first option to be Distributor as well.

3. Visionary Company Owner

We also welcome those who are passionate and willing to invest on robotics but have limited experience, we would love to help them shorten their experience lack embarrassing and share our experience when working with them to let them get quick ROI on robotics.

And welcome them come to our factory to take professional, full-fledged technical training after they invest a right person to come to us.

4. Ending Clients Buying Units

Since there are overall 14 different robot models(robot waiter/waitress, delivery robot, logistic delivery robot, security robot, reception robots in different design), there are some ending clients from where is no distributor yet might want to direct buy our robot waitress or delivery robots for direct use, or in less case for reselling to their clients or government project, this have to follow our retailing price as a global unified policy.

What we do not accept?

There are many cases that when an individual come to find us and tell us, he has no company, no resource, but want to ask us how to be our distributor. Well, personally we really want to help if we could, but this is a serious and professional business talks, so please feel same prudential when asking how to be our distributorship that will add a time- consuming waste for both of us without any results driven.

It is no doubt that there might be some reseller or drop-shipping sales mode work for traditional consuming electronics but for robots, which are higher value and new concept products, which reply 50% on pre-sales+ 50% more efforts on after sales customer service, this is quite a service based work which require you show demo robots with sophisticated professional exeprience value provided for your clients.

So suppose there is less possibility when you are selling a high cost product without such advantage, time works less efficiency since it is such a long sales circle.

And we are under a quick market opening period as a huge robotic startup, who are on the way to be public on science and technology innovative board, time means a lot for us currently.

So please understand we are not finding any new fish or not business sense individual, we are longing for a real, sincere, and professional partnership of bright, innovative vision on the future robotics that will do increase for both of us in our lifetime, in our career and in our entrepreneurship at this very fresh new industry but so rapidly developing and leading human to the future.

Or when a person has his registered company but he does not have teamwork, to make our future work ease, we are not expecting to make money from you personally by unit of robot but expect a long-term cooperation talking advantange of both company's strength.

Thus, what you need to do is preparing your team ready before we could talk in depth.

How you can get your ROI?

When robotics is fresh new and most of the market are fresh open there, when most of the people around the corner are still unaware of such new creation, why and how you expect such robot could give you ROI?

How are you being goning to open the market in your country? and who are the right target in your country network?

At this paragraph, due to each country has its own difference on the market features, please contact your direct BD person or director for helping you understand, but please do some homework on your current country, financial and economy situation and opportunity gap before starting a video call.

For anyone who still has questions or doubts, please always feel ease to talk to us.

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China Factory Address: No.232 Yuanfeng Road, Robot Industrial Park, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, China-215300

Contact: Monica Zhang


WhatsApp: +86 15950998165

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