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Chinese Restaurant Replaced Humans with Robot Waiters

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

As the upsurging of Post 90s and 80s and more and more aging population, China is stepping into a time that is of huge manpower deficiency. Nowadays young employee are no longer willing to be engaged in workplces related with pure labor force like robotic machine delivery job, servant and building construction. We are stepping into an industry of modern, individualism and personality.

As we are easy to see,Chinese restaurants started to replace their workers with robots as early as 2006. Though some have proven pretty incompetent, they're still cheaper than human wait staff — the approximate ranging from $5,500 to $8,800 up-front cost per robot is just a couple months' salary for an average server in China (though robot prices vary).

Robot waiters seem to have taken off in China because they're novel, cool and fun, rather than for their efficiency, which greatly fit for mordern quality lifestyle pursuit. Many robots in Chinese restaurants appear anthropomorphic and toy-like — The Wall Street Journal writes that the Chinese even refer to their robots as jiqiren (机器人), literally meaning "machine people."

Here's a look at one of the most famous robot waiter manufacturers ("Csjbot") that have replaced some of their staff with robot-waiters and cover the restaurant with a sales share over 70%.

By now, in 2017, Suzhou Pangolin Robot Corp., Ltd (stock code:871049)has successfully upgraded their robot waiter to the newest 8th Generation Trackless Waiter Robot-Amy(See below Pic), which is more suitable for luxury, high-end oriented restaurant, cafe, hotels and hospitality occasion, employed with the most advanced laser navigation, Lidar SLAM for indoor mapping automatically, abundant facial expressions with LED technology.

(Picture Source from Restaurant Canada event and magazine)

She is friendly and clean but simple user interface to operate after finished setup, every one could be easily to understand, especially for those tech enthusiasts who are in constant of pursuit of a cutting-edge objects for their life, bold to try and tolerant to innovative tech to the future, though some critics will be afraid of robots take off jobs.

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