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Robot Bartender from Switzerland Renowned A Great Solution Amid Covid Crisis

Earlier since March, Chinese government quickly announced its seven New Infrastructure policies mainly aiming to speed up Chinese digitalized economy transformation.

Robotics, one of the whirlwind creations would definitely be accelerated right after 5G network deployment, especially in areas where its speech, cloud network, data collection and interaction effect with human community experience would tremendously be enhanced.

A public listed company Intretech from South of China have introduced a bartender robot solution, meanwhile working collaboratively with Swiss robotics company F&P Robotics AG, and its sister company Baronics AG to actively took part in supporting anti-Coronovirus battle by means of higher technology. Read video news below:

While all are holding back hard at home during quarantine, people might cannot wait to scout out for a drink of coffee or cocktails after virus curfew is relaxed, Chinese won't be an exception especially for catering that is going to reach retaliatory consumption driven both personally and government support. With role of catering robotic bartender's participation, it will no longer be a headache after given its completely touchless human-to-human interaction and mounted position from social distance safely.

You will be thinking as a machine it might be too cold headed, while this versatile bartender robot would rock your heart through astonishing you again through its customized tender voice speaker, reminding you its process and upon finished drink handling. Moreover, it's standing out by its customized percentage of alcohol and mixture with syrups, soft drinks that have integrated into all-in-one solution already.

Behind of its back there are highest quality components, for instance, ice machine made from Japan to cool your selection if you prefer to, its European drink dispensing system, the Swiss made collaborative robot and other craftmanship components. On top of that, you will get eye-fetching entertainment on its displays that adapts suitably to match with drinker's mood or bar theme color. Refer to Youtube link here:

For further information regarding to this bartender robot supplier, you are kindly welcome to email us

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