• Monica Zhang

Spots on CES Asia 2019| CSJBOT Robot Runway

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

The 5th CES Asia(Consuming Electronics Show Asia) came to a finale since June 11 to 13 in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Be part of the tech revolution. Experience groundbreaking technology and get in touch with the world’s brightest minds at Asia’s leading tech event, CES Asia is the place where startups, entrepreneurs and global brands converge to form game-changing partnerships.

Every year, tons of the world cutting-edge consuming tech products named as industry wind indicator would pop up which shall define the next year's direction to lead in separate industry.

This year, for a total of 550+ enterprises from smart home, vehicle tech, audio device, intelligent robotics, movie, etc made a splash presence!

As one of the keynote guest specially invited every year, Csjbot(company name: Suzhou Pangolin Robot Corp., Ltd) played another exclusive role in the robot runway hoested by Living in the Digital Times by showing off their annual core star robot versions: Snow, Amy,


What makes difference is this year, Alice got an improved face different from previous years by upgarding her face tech to LCD new one.

Due to this sparkling runway, they have attracted large media exposure both overseas and domestically from CCTV(China Centural Television, news link), Russia Today, Thailand Centural TV, Shanghai TV, etc.

Snow: She stands at 3 feet tall shaped as lovely as a round Penguin body. With more than versatile talents out of her tiny appearance, she is employed with 16m laser SLAM technology, dual OS (Linux+ Android) with powerful support from cloud brained platform as SaaS fundamentals.

All in all, she is an all-in-one social information robot competent to do remote video control, online customer service, autonomous navigation, HRI(Human-Robot-Interaction), interactive dialogue, proactive welcome, etc.

Recognized as one mini commercial business solution robot, she plays an important role as terminal carrier for big data and could be widely applied to all kinds of public scenarios such as school, training center, science and technology institution, nursing home, retailing chains, hospitality, etc.

Amy, awarded as the most popular delivery robot waiter since 2017.

She is slim, beautifully shaped as a fairy lady but never reduced her charm to offer premium service to over 35 countries and regions over the world.

Her software for delivery service is in a concise but user-friendly UI that you can always feel ease to figure out how to start over upon the first sight unboxing.

Just could not move our eyes away from her, she couldn’t be more attractive to be able to speak at least 10 languages like a robot diplomat to her clients that will cover as many languages as it could be widely spoken in the entire world.

Who else knows what’s new features it is going to be upgraded in the following 2019?

Let us keep looking forward to her next stage performance closely!