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Successful Barista Robot Cafe in China- Post Pandemic Touchless Economy Booming!

As some of you might have early heard that Unicorn Island project is a government invested exhibition center, this finally come to a close compeletion this March in Chengdu, China, where was a beautiful south-western China city center(refer to image 1)

The idea of integrating a three-sided lotus countertop robot cafe was originally from Johannes Elias and his team both in UK and China.

We can see P-Rob robot of higher quality leather cover but in black is performing perfectly in the middle of the bar, however open to interact with orders and clients around her.

This place was now sometimes public to important visitors and government leaders or investors who might be possibly entering their companies in Xinlong Lake area.

Closer looking to this customized robot cafe, there are main components from standard robot Barista integrated to whole worktop with all of following parts:

  • Classic electronic coffee machine;

  • Soda drinking dispensing system;

  • Premium robot arm with soft grippers;

  • 7 Groups of cup dispensers

  • Colorful cup position lightings connected to whole system;

  • Coffee print machine on top

Main parts on the counter top overview

P-Rob robot delivering cups of icy soda

Featured panda faced coffee print on top

Besides what we have looked, there are several hidden compact design under the bar, such as syrup BIB carts, water purifying system, water drainage system, milk refridgerator, Computing system, etc are all well distributing neatly under the sliding doors.

Some references about the project:

Background of the Start-Up exhibition and conference centre will be the first building to reach completion in the Unicorn Island masterplan, which Zaha Hadid Architects is developing for the Chengdu government on the eastern shore of Xin Long Lake.

The island is being developed to support the growth of China's technology and research sectors by catering for unicorns companies – start-ups with a value of at least $1 billion (£767 million).

Video refer to: Unicorn Island Startup Exhibition Center

Architecture Masterplan refer to: Zaha Hadid Architecture

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