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Why are surveys important at events and exhibitions?

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

If your event is successful and you want to ensure the continuation of this success, what better way to do this than to collect information from the attendees? This feedback will be so valuable when you are creating business and marketing plans for the next quarter. It can be a challenge to get eventgoers to engage with questionnaires or interviewers as so many things will be vying for their attention at your event. If you are serious about gathering data that could provide insights with regards to your clients’ needs and expectations then you might need to pull something special out of your sleeve.

How can the survey robot make collecting data easier and more fun?

Eva Survey Robot is ready for action collecting the information to propel your business forward.

Survey robot hire enables the gathering of accurate data. A service robot provides a unique and interactive method for your business to survey the attendees at your corporate event. The survey robot roams the exhibition space, asking the event goers if they would like to take a survey. The sheer novelty of the robot asking them this question is enough to engage even the most stubborn of networkers. Once the survey has been conducted, the data is linked to a collection point for display or for records once the event is over.

The inherent difficulties faced by those wishing to collect accurate data can now be overcome. Clients are less likely to avoid survey bots in the way that they do with human surveyors. There is no stress or anxiety involved interacting with a survey bot as the social pressures are removed. After, all, it is only a machine. Online surveys are known to be unreliable and human surveyors consistently bias the results with their own expectations.

Survey robot hire really can circumvent these issues. Make the most of the available business opportunities at your event and hire a robot today.

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