Alice Plus Robot(23.8" screen)

Alice Plus Robot(23.8" screen)

SKU: AlicePlus8

Alice Plus(or Pro) belongs to an agumented version on screen size and interior structure from Alice robot but same in visual features.


    tanding just about 5 feet tall, Alice Plus(Pro)provides an intuitive user interface that is applicable across industries.

    She is equipped with SLAM Tech, making navigation an ease, and has options for your own integrating software. Perfect for offices, restaurants, and promotional settings, Alice is a robot that will stand out from the crowd.


    • Ad Broadcasting, 
    • Airport/Mall/Shop Assistance, 
    • Alice, 
    • Guest Greeting/Reception, 
    • Humanoid Robot, 
    • Office Assistance,
    • Open API
    • Promotional/Retail Support

    2 Year Free Warrenty and Maintenance excluded from Human Force Factors 


    Customized High Intensity Carton or Wood as Stipulated.

    Usuaully it will take 7 days to ship out of factory in lesiure season but will need at least 20 workdays in peak season or in bulk order.

    Please email to us for further details: