Bartender Robot Bar

Bartender Robot Bar

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Baronics is about to revolutionize the convenient drink market. Offering a completely autonomous robot Bar run by a safe collaborative robot, Baronics is setting a new standard for easy 24/7 gastronomy. Baronics is based in Zurich, Switzerland, has deployed the first units in the field and is continuously launching improved robotics bar products for hotels, bars, casinos, cruise ships, tourist venues and other high-frequency locations. Baronics is a subsidiary of F&P Robotics in Zurich.

What is a robot bartender?

1. Fully autonomous Robotic Bar

•Serves around 120 drinks per hour or more autonomously

•Can serve a large range of alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, beer, prosecco, mocktails out of core ingredients

•16 alcohols, 8 soft drinks/fillers, beer or prosecco, syrups

•Cup dispensers, CO2, storage all created to run autonomously

•All components like ice machine, dispensing system, cup dispensers, robot, screen, audio fully integrated

2. Entertainment station, creating strong drink orders

•Very smooth and luxury collaborative robotic arm

•All movements supported by speech and videos to entertain customers

•Digital payment terminal with credit cards

3. Easy to install, deploy and run

•Installed in 1 days

•Just needs water, electricity and internet onsite

•Technical platform very stable and fully integrated, tested in many client situations with large volumes

•Ability of owner to access system through easy to use operator interface on tablet

•No human bartender needed, just cleaning and entertaining guests