Snow Robot

Snow Robot

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Performing all of Snow’s tasks, this penguin look-alike has been renewed and improved with a dual OS for Android and Linux as well as UI in 10 languages such as Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, Portueguese, etc with speech recognition for ten languages deployed from Nuance.

Upgraded with an AI cloud(AWS from Amazon) intelligent back-end platform comprised of factory default software programs for different service sectors, customizable functions, and navigation technology, Snow  is sure to blow you away like a snowstorm.



  • Ad Broadcasting, 
  • Hospitality, 
  • Humanoid Robot, 
  • Informational Support, 
  • Promotional Activities, Promotional Activities/Ad Broadcasting, 
  • Retail, Retail/Hospitality

    Snow belongs to a commercial reception robot, equipped with SLAM technology for precision indoor naviagtion.

    She could be either your best robot assistant, or best education pal after integrated with educational software based on the open API.

    Size: L550*W600*H1120mm

    Net Weight: Approx. 35kg

    Battery: Lithium Battery 24V20Ah

    Work Hour: >10 hr

    Charge Time: < 10hr

    Operating System: Linux(Bottom) + Android(UI)


    2 Year Free Warrenty and Maintenance excluded from Human Force Factors 


    Customized High Intensity Carton or Wood as Stipulated.

    Usuaully it will take 7 days to ship out of factory in lesiure season but will need at least 20 workdays in peak season or in bulk order.

    Please email to us for further details:

Color: White