Vending Robot Csjbot for Delivery Service

Vending Robot Csjbot for Delivery Service

I'm a super premium delivery robot. I have a similiar robot chassis as the delivery robots but with higher cost performance from the perspective of larger loading capacipty (up to 30kg), I also have a 16m laser sensor range for indoor precise range. You can feel ease to take me for any indoor transportation work between points to points, taking advantage of my beautifully industrial design manually but great cabin holds.


    This robot is the highly deluxe shaped delivery robot, though different from Aker delivery series of robot but their terminal functionality shares common usage.


    ADR(Autonomous Delivery Robot) was launching out at earlier 2019, open source for your customized programming.


    Laser Sensor Rage: 16m

    Battery: Lithium 24V20Ah


    2 Year Free Warrenty and Maintenance excluded from Human Force Factors 


    Customized High Intensity Carton or Wood as Stipulated.

    Usuaully it will take 7 days to ship out of factory in lesiure season but will need at least 20 workdays in peak season or in bulk order.

    Please email to us for further details: